Anchors Away

This week, I have received two email newsletters with an Anchor theme. The first newsletter asked if you had an area of your life that provided an anchor of security a shelter during tough times. This anchor could be a place you find relaxing to visit, a friend you can talk things over with, a faith you find comfort in, a pet that loves you unconditionally. This got me to thinking where my anchors are, and what I find comforting. I love walking along the beach at dawn, I love the clear air, and I love it when it is low tide. The colours of the water, the sand and the sky all vary, but there is something about being at the beach at this time, that I find restorative. Dancing is another one of my anchors, I find going over and over movements, practising, gives me focus. Art, another anchor, is a time out area for me when I paint, I lose my thoughts and focus in only on what I am doing. It gives my mind time to clear and my house a new artwork.

Then the second email asked if you had an invisible anchor that was holding you back, the question was related to past lives, which I am not really focused on right now as my present life has enough going on for me. However the question really did get my mind thinking about this life now and what anchors I had that may be holding me back.

If you imagine for a moment, about being on a boat in a safe harbour, you want to go somewhere, but your anchor is snagged on something beneath the boat. The snag stops you from going anywhere. You don't want to stay in the harbour, you want to explore. Are there areas in your life that are holding you back? An anchor, that you'd rather not have? Perhaps it is a fear of doing something - like flying. You'd like to travel but fear of flying (crashing really) holds you back. Or perhaps it is a hurt from a past relationship that stops you from trying again.

This morning I am grateful for the anchors that keep me grounded and safe especially at Christmas. I love the ritual of putting up and decorating our Christmas tree. I love providing Christmas spirit, by decorating the topiary tree outside our home to share joy with others, who may not be experiencing joy right now in their lives. This morning I am wondering what anchors I need to let go of that keep me snagged.

So what are the anchors that work for you? And what are the ones keeping you snagged?