communication techniques 'I' statements

An easy technique in communication is to use 'I' statements in your communications not only with your partner, but everyone you are communicating with. People who use 'I' statements take responsibility for their feelings and behaviours. People who use 'you' statements, can be perceived as blaming and judgemental.

When you are next in a conversation and about to start a sentence with 'you' - replace it with an I, and share from your perspective. For example; instead of... you did well today, replace 'you' with 'I' then what you have noticed... for example; 'I' appreciate all the work you have put in. When you tell people 'you' it can seem as though you are being superior to them.

'I' statements also share more of your inner world with the other person, and can help them to understand what you are experiencing.

For more information: read People Skills by Robert Bolton