This Christmas - celebrate in a new way - remember - you - are the greatest gift

This Christmas what about celebrating in a way you never have before?

Do you get stressed about presents and what you are buying? Well, stop worrying about what the reaction is from the person you are giving to, and instead think of the wishes that you hold in your heart for that person. If it is love and caring, include a beautiful little heart - the one pictured here was picked up at a local beach, write a message to go with it. One shop we have in our town sells carved hearts starting at $6, but you could also cut up some fabric in the shape of a heart.

One of the best Christmasses we ever had was a Christmas in July. Only one present was to be brought along - something that you had that you held dear, and it was to be given with a message. When it was time to collect a present, we all received a treasure. I received a beautiful shell that held meaning for the person who gave it. It was touching at what people brought with them to give.

My husband's family all had a Christmas draw. All the names went into a hat, you pulled out one name, and that is the only gift you had to buy. A price was set so you didn't have to spend a fortune, and everyone received a treat. One year we all decided to shop in The Salvos, so that the charity received the money, and the price was set at under $10. The person who bought the best present for the cheapest, got a prize - a loud cheer!!

This Christmas we are repainting old baubles and gluing glitter on them. I currently have orange glitter all over my family room, and my husband has told me it's even downstairs out the back. I love glitter, it's great all sparkly and fun. We are decorating our tree in a way we never have before in brightly coloured orange, hot pinks and golden yellows. All old baubles renewed, and the tree looks very delightful.

But remember the most important thing you can do for your family at Christmas is to be there. You are the most beautiful gift, and things are very secondary.