Thinking in colour and images

Mind Map Image from: Buzan

What? Thinking in colour? Sometimes it seems to me that we can all be found guilty of thinking in black and white... either or scenarios. Let me explain... something happens at home, we put the brakes on... and then before you know it we are in an argument saying... 'it's my way or get out'... and so many relationships can finish that way. Relationships that may have you wondering later on, why did I leave like that?

Perhaps black and white thinking can be helpful sometimes, when we need to put the brakes on in certain areas of our lives. When we drink to much and want to start moderating, or stopping. However studies have proven that our brain loves images and colour.

So lets consider colour and image thinking. When other people are important to us, we need to start thinking outside our normal way of response. We need to start to become creative and work together to find out news of being together.

This is where mind mapping can be helful... you might like to read Tony Buzan's book on Mind Mapping or watch the video below.