Tips for a healthier mind... how to focus on 'what's right'.

Thank you for visiting today. Well I have a couple of offerings for you to watch... one of them is a fabulous video by Dr Daniel Amen being interviewed by Tom Bilyeu. There are some great tips for how we can all have a healthier mind, and how to start focussing on 'what's right'. Dr Amen is a double board certified psychiatrist.

Our brains have a habit of looking for 'what's wrong'. They do that to try to keep us safe. They continually scan our environment in case we are in danger. Most of the time though we aren't and we can be missing lot's of the things that are actually really lovely in our lives.

Lots of wonderful things covered in the talk above. I first watched Dr Amen in this TED talk...

For a free brain assessment with Dr Daniel Amen's clinic visit: Brain Health Assessment