The Secret Power of Kindness

I think that this is one of my all time favourite videos by Russell Brand. If you aren't familiar with his videos, here is a link to Russell's youtube channel for some inspired viewing.

I invite you to hit the pause button for a while, stop and focus on your breathing, allow it to slow it down, for a minute, lets be radical - or even for 5 minutes. Think about a time when someone was kind to you. What was happening at the time, really replay it in your mind and remember the feelings that it created in you.

A challenge for you today: Look for an opportunity to be kind. Bring kindness to your voice when talking to your loved ones.

Have a discussion about kindness at the dinner table, when you next get together with friends, ask them, who was the kindest person that they knew? Ask them, what that person used to do... it's an interesting conversation starter and fascinating to see where the conversation goes next.