Keeping Space - Reducing Stress

So how's your stress levels right now? Mine go from feeling fine to feeling anxious. The days I'm feeling fine are the days when I stop to take time to do my yoga practice, or do my yoga breathing or go for a walk. What about you, do you notice when you are feeling the stress of this current situation? Do you notice when you are feeling OK - Are you feeling OK?

After visiting the supermarket this morning, and witnessing the panic in the faces and the movement of many there, I'm going to suggest that we all need to practice Mindfulness right now. Mindful of keeping space between us, mindful of being kind to ourselves to another.

There's an age old practice called keeping space or holding space. It's that we give another person, unconditional positive regard. With social distancing we can move with one another in a form of dance, respecting the space and flowing with one another and it can actually be quite fun to do. As long as we aren't absolutely focussed on having to plow along mindlessly.

Take some time to play with the distancing when you are in the supermarket, pretend you both have magnets on, that push each other away, move with the energy. Smile even if you feel like you don't want to, something shifts in our brains when we smile. Somedays when you smile and you don't feel like it, it can feel like you're lifting concrete with your cheek bones! Recall a funny time, and then go from there.

Here are two videos by two of the leaders in the mindfulness field. There are also some meditations and mindfulness practices in the videos.

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