Online Sessions

Online services have been rapidly growing in popularity for Counselling and Coaching.

I use Skype for online sessions. Online sessions are effective and convenient, and no travelling to and from sessions. It means that you can have access to services even if you are travelling.

Skype Video Chat

Face to face sessions allowing you to talk with a professional counsellor.

How to access video chat service:

1. First - book an appointment - work out what days - times you can attend, and then phone or text me with a couple of your choices, along with your email address. I'll send you my practice and payment information.

2.Then payment is due when booking to confirm your session.

To use Skype...

I can send you an email link prior to the meeting or...

you can go to the website and use the chat there... or you can also download the app.

  • Skype Link to your computer or phone - this is also a free app.

    My Skype Address is kareen.fellows

    When you are ready for your session:
    * Find a space where you are free to talk openly.
    * Make sure that there are no others (including children) present.
    * Be at your computer 10 minutes prior to session.
    * Have a pen and paper handy in case you'd like to make notes.

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