All human beings share needs, in addition to our physical needs, such as food, water and shelter, everyone of us has a number of emotional needs. We have the need to give and receive attention, to heed the mind / body connection, the need for purpose, goals and meaning in our life, which is very important.

We have the need to feel connected to community and making a contribution, needs for challenge and creativity, for intimacy and a sense of control and a sense of status. Also we have the need for a sense of security in life.

1) How often do you get to meet up with friends?
(the need for attention and community)

2) Can you and your partner really talk together?
(the need for attention and intimacy)

3) How are you sleeping these days?
(the need for mind body connection)

4) Are you happy with your diet?
(the need for mind body connection)

5) How much exercise are you getting?
(the need for mind body connection)

6) Is there anyone who you feel really understands you, and is close to you?
(the need for intimacy)

7) What choice do you have about what happens in your life?
(the need for control and security)

8) Do you have a clear sense of where you want to take things in life?
(the need for purpose, what gets me out of bed in the morning)

9) Do you feel excited by stuff in your life?
(the need for challenge / purpose / meaning)

10) What involvement do you have with people around you?
(the need for community and status)

Maslow's Hierarchy, (or Pyramid), of Needs is one of the central ideas in modern economics and sociology. The work of a once little-known American psychologist, it has grown into an indispensable guide to understanding the modern world. This film explains who Maslow was, what his pyramid is, and why it matters so much.