Relationships flourish when we tend to them as we would a living being. If we reflect on the relationship between oneself and another, it can be helpful to think about, what helps that relationship to grow? If a relationship is suffering, to look at where we are not tending it, and review the ways that we may be acting to damage it, and then take steps to change. One of the foundations for a healthy relationship is communication. The ability to listen to another person, is a fundamental way that we can tend our relationship whether it is with our partner, our child, a family member or work colleague.

"Your life will largely be defined by the nature and quality of the relationships you are a part of and how you contribute."~ Dr George Ball.

One of the areas we can improve our relationships, is by listening...

"I often ponder over the nature of true human sincerity, true transparency... It is a rare and difficult thing; and how much it depends on the person who is listening to us! There are those who pull down barriers and make the way smooth; there are those who force the doors and enter our territory like invaders; there are those who barricade us in, shut us in upon ourselves, dig ditches and throw up walls around us; there are those who set us out of tune and listen only to our false notes; there are those for whom we will always remain strangers, speaking in an unknown tongue. And when it is our turn to listen, which of these are we...?" ~ Unknown.


"Listening may be the golden key, that opens the door to human relationships". ~ The power of listening | William Ury | TEDxSanDiego


Dr Sue Johnson