I offer sessions to help you learn how to breathe mindfully, reduce stress and anxiety. Please contact me for more information - click here - this link will take you to my website.

Why Breathwork Matters... 4-7-8 breathwork exercise

Belly Breathing - helps relax and calm. A short presentation on the benefits of abdominal breathing, a.k.a. belly breathing, and instruction on how to practice abdominal breathing, the basic technique used in many meditations.

By becoming fully present in the moment, we can free ourselves from the worries of the future and the disappointments of the past. Being fully aware, and non-judgmental, of what is happening, as it is happening, is the key to living a relaxed and peaceful life. You only have one life to live and the most precious part of life is this moment, the present. Don't waste this moment, living in the past or future. In this mindfulness training, we will share three basic and powerful skills: being mindful of the present, becoming detached from your thoughts or emotions, and be mindful of resonant-frequency breathing. Let's practice now...

Deep breathing is a relaxation technique that will help you reduce stress and anxiety. This video provides a brief description of deep breathing followed by guided practice.

Five Breaths, Five Scenes: At the Falls

Embracing Ageing

I've put this image of the front yard of an old house we once rented in a sea side town in NSW, as I'm particularly fond of old beac...