Emotional Mastery

If there was one video that I would love every person to watch it would be this one by Dr Joan Rosenberg. I can't recommend it highly enough.

What often blocks people from feeling capable in life and from having greater success with finances, health or relationships is how they handle unpleasant feelings. Psychologist Joan Rosenberg unveils the innovative strategy and surprising keys for experiencing the challenging emotions that lie at the heart of confidence, emotional strength, and resilience.

I first discovered Dr Joan's information on The Adult Chair Podcast. I finally found something that took out all the struggle from dealing with emotions, and really recommend that you listen in. The Adult Chair podcast is also available on Spotify, you'll discover so many helpful talks there. Here is some of the transcript from the podcast below...

We all experience emotions, but most of us don’t really understand what emotions are. These feelings can drastically alter our day, our life and our experience in the world, yet they’re intangible and often messy and confusing. It’s no wonder many of us try to avoid them altogether.

Well, get ready to have your mind blown and to see emotions in a whole new light in this brilliant episode with Dr. Joan Rosenberg. Dr. Rosenberg began her study of emotions when she was trying to figure out what made some people confident in life, and her finding was surprising: confidence didn’t just come from a sense of self-esteem but from our ability to handle uncomfortable emotions.

As she dug deeper into the human emotional experience, she uncovered a world of surprises around our understanding of emotions and how we can better process, experience and master our emotions.

We talked about why emotions are so uncomfortable for us (it’s not why you think), what a compliment really is and why it matters so much, what drives fear, anxiety and grief, our fears around emotions and how we get stuck in emotion. Dr. Joan also shares her formula for feeling, experiencing and expressing the eight core emotions in an authentic way that helps them truly move through us.

Listen to discover:

- The unexpected key to building confidence

- "The Rosenberg Reset" formula to build confidence

- The 3 things that cause our uncomfortable feelings to linger (it's not the feelings themselves!)

- Steps to build more confidence

- The true power of a compliment (this one left me speechless)

- What's actually underneath fear and anxiety

- Why we need to both feel AND express our emotions

As much as I talk about emotions, I was still left speechless more than once in this episode as Dr. Rosenberg got to the heart of what is really beneath certain emotions and my perspective was shifted in so many ways. This is a truly empowering show that will help you live a more balanced and confident life.