Self Development through - The Artist's Way

I offer guided journeys to explore and enhance your creativity, self expression and self confidence. Please contact me for more information - click here to visit my Artist's Way Blog.

Over the past 10 years, people from all around our beautiful world have joined me in this journey, women from all over Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Brazil, The UK, Australia, and Europe. I offer pages on Facebook when working through the book to post and share your journey.

The main text I use during these workshops is The Artist's Way, a book by Julia Cameron - it is a book for people interested in cultivating their creativity. It will take you on an inspiring, reflective, energising journey.

If you would like to explore your creativity and learn more about yourself in the process, I offer one to one sessions using The Artist's Way book as a guide, in conjunction with my counselling and coaching skills.

If you are wanting to reconnect with your inner wisdom, your inner creative writer / artist / sculptor / whatever your creative spirit calls you to - then following Julia's book will find you starting to walk that path again, or be re-energised on the creative journey you currently find yourself on. The topics and journal prompts will follow the 12 chapters of the book.

Julia Cameron asks those who are going to take part in The Artist's Way to commit to three things: An Artist's Date, Morning Pages - where you write long hand every day - and A Walk.

Be Brave, you don't need any art experience at all...

However, you do need to be willing to set aside time for yourself... you will need at least one half hour for morning pages, and time to go on an artist date, a 20 minute walk regularly, as well as time to work through the exercises in the book.

  • The Artist's Way is held over 12 sessions - you can work through the sessions according to your time frame, once a week, fortnightly or to suit. I will help you with your process, journal prompts and be there to listen and coach you, as you work through the book.
  • Sessions are offered online via Skype. We will spend one hour together for each session.

    The sessions we cover in The Artist's Way include:

  • Session 1: Safety
  • Session 2: Identity
  • Session 3: Power
  • Session 4: Integrity
  • Session 5: Possibility
  • Session 6: Abundance
  • Session 7: Connection
  • Session 8: Strength
  • Session 9: Compassion
  • Session 10: Self-Protection
  • Session 11: Autonomy
  • Session 12: Faith

    Click here to visit my The Artist's Way Blog

  • Contact:
  • 0408 792 747

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