Whole Food Plant Based Eating - Coaching and Recipes

Around December 2019 I decided to start eating more vegetable based foods in my diet. I'd been doing WW for a couple of months and the direction that they pointed you in to lose weight, was to incorporate more fruit and vegetables into your diet.

Anyway, I started looking up recipes for vegetarian style dishes, thinking that would help my weight loss, and found a video by a couple called Krocks in the Kitchen. They talked about a plant based cardiologist Dr Esselstyn, and how his diet had helped people to correct heart problems.

Immediately after watching that video, this video by Jane Esselstyn appeared on my YouTube feed...

I loved watching Jane and Ann together, and found the information so fascinating, that I decided to give some of their recipes a try.

So fast forward to 10 months later with 15 kilos lost, cholesterol 2 points down, and no longer a pre diabetic, I have happily and easily converted to this new life style. What I thought was, starting out and along the way, that I'd have loved to have someone, that I could have called to ask questions and find out more.

I am now offering sessions where I help you to start or along your journey, encouragement and recipes and information as I have learned over the last year.