Relationship Sessions with The Gottman Institute

Over the years after I completed my degree, I trained in a few different techniques to offer help in relationships. One of the best trainings I have studied, was with The Gottman Institute.

If clients don't have any background in relationship training, it doesn't mean much to tell them the type of training I have done.

So I was delighted to come across a podcast on Spotify called How Not To Ruin Relationships. It's an interview Dan Harris did with the Gottmans, and it sums up the Gottman relationship sessions beautifully.

If you are thinking of having a session, or are simply curious about The Gottman's and like to learn more about helping relationships to grow and thrive, you may like to listen in.

Listen to the podcast below, click on the red arrow to play:

In the talk, the Gottmans mention The Sound Relationship House...
here's a copy of the image.

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